Extend NetSuite with Webstore Design

NetSuite connectors are popular for their efficient integrators for ecommerce sites, such as Amazon. This etailing giant promises a global buying audience to online enterprises, but has a host of difficult formatting issues to overcome, before these promises can be collected. The NetSuite Amazon connector relieves that burden of required formatting, data input, collecting and seamlessly managing one’s online business aspects on the site. However, few are aware of the potentials NetSuite offers in terms of building a webstore and its additional values for any ecommerce business. Many enterprises believe that logging on to Amazon, with efficient NetSuite connectors is enough to substantiate profits. Several others having used ecommerce site builders believe a webstore at Amazon is extraneous. This is an unfortunate thought process, as a mere presence on Amazon is inadequate without the backup of an integrated and exclusive webstore at the site.

NetSuite besides being an excellent Amazon connector can also be used as an ecommerce site builder. This is done through the use of NetSuite SuiteScript, an intensive API, which allows an operator to customize and create a distinct webstore for your brand at Amazon. A NetSuite webstore built with SuiteScript is unlike the standard shopping sites seen on the etailing giant. NetSuite SuiteScript allows for tweaking and altering the Amazon connector to build a unique webstore that not only represents your products adequately, but also sticks to your brand identity. From images, placement, catalogue, pricing to payouts, NetSuite SuiteScript can elevate your Amazon webstore to provide customers an unforgettable shopping experience. This ensures you have a stand-apart webstore, amongst the many at Amazon, with the ability to ensure customer return. Using NetSuite SuiteScript as an ecommerce site builder makes sense for its not only myriad customizations and flexibility, but also for the amazingly low cost, that it comes at.

Source URL: http://www.webbeeglobal.com/blog/extend-netsuite-with-webstore-design/


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