NetSuite EBay Connectors – Way to connect with ecommerce Website

The NetSuite EBay integration is an integration that seamlessly connects the NetSuite ERP and EBay Merchant. The greatest benefit of such a connector in general is the integrated solution which encompasses all the back office features of NetSuite ERP and the ecommerce attributes of the EBay platform. All these features are fully automated, thus enabling the online merchants to properly focus on the more important sectors, sales and managing the little details of fulfillment processes. This ultimately saves them a lot of time and adds productivity to the business in its entirety. It also saves a lot of effort that usually are wasted in manually performing the synchronization of EBay and NetSuite.

NetSuite development in USA runs within the confines of your NetSuite account and all the management of your NetSuite ERP and EBay merchant service is performed under the user interface of NetSuite.

Why Netsuite eBay connectors?

The NetSuite eBay connector enables the customers to import complete checkout orders in association with their customer data. This import is done to your NetSuite ERP Account from eBay Webstore listings.

It also enables the user to get access of the shipping information, which also includes carrier, tracking number and shipping date from their NetSuite account to eBay Webstore.

Key Features

  • Product & Inventory Sync

One of the key features is Product & Inventory Sync; it delivers real time product and exports it to eBay, it also provides user interface in NetSuite for item creation which is in total eBay style.

  • Orders & Customers Sync

This is another key feature of this connector; it transfers orders and transfers customers to NetSuite ERP in real time. It also help identify repeat clients and customers in the whole system, it supports multiple payment modes, such as debit/credit card payments, net banking payments and payment using gift cards.

  • Export Shipping Details

Another Major Key Feature is that it can export Shipping details from the NetSuite Account to eBay client transferring data in real time. It also syncs the various shipping methods across NetSuite and eBay.

Key Benefit

Time and Money Saving

A major benefit of the NetSuite eBay connector is that it saves a lot of time and data entry as it automates the creation sale orders, invoice and payments and the storage of customer records in the NetSuite account.

The eBay NetSuite Connector automatically does your order of sales, invoices, payments, and take care of your customer records for every complete and incomplete checkout orders. To keep record of all eBay sales and posts about shipping and tracking is another benefit of the integration of eBay and NetSuite.

With such time and money saved, you would be able to maximize your investment spent in the eBay Webstore. You would be able to streamline all your fulfillment process.

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