How To Choose The Right CRM For Your Organization?

When you are looking to save on cost as well as on manual effort, a CRM solution is the way to go. Customer Relationship Management solutions is a logical choice for your team as well as customers. It becomes easy to manage your customer database and sales at the same time.

But with so many options to choose from, it may not be easy to pick one. Every CRM promises to provide you with several functionalities and features. How well they perform is the thing to be tested only when you start using the software. Well, to avoid putting your money in the wrong basket, we have come up with few pointers which will help you to make a better choice when you are about to select a CRM solution for your organization.

 But before we begin, let us look into what CRM actually does. This information may help you during your selection process.

What is CRM and how does it help your business?

Initially built to manage customer relationships, this software has evolved its way into a holistic solution for managing sales, accounting, vendors, operational data, and point of sales knit all into one. With CRM you can generate leads, follow them through the sales process and manage your customer loyalty with saving customer information.

Though you can deploy various software to complete these tasks, however, CRM can do all these automatically and provide your sales team all the tools to simply their tasks and grow your business simultaneously.

Goal of your Business –

Yes, it is true, that CRM can be a one-stop solution for most of your business needs. But before investing, analyze what your needs are. Some forethought will be helpful in assessing your current situation. Look into the challenges of your business and for starters, you can ask yourself the following:

  • Track Leads and Lead Activity
  • Track Customer Base
  • Track Opportunities and Closing Rates
  • Offer Connectivity Between Teams
  • Manage Relationships
  • Generate Customized Reporting

CRM will keep all your information organized in one place and act as a single database repository. This all can be done automatically through a CRM system. If the above functions are not your basic goals, then maybe you should look elsewhere. CRM system largely depends on your business as well as IT needs. So choose wisely.

Cost of Implementation –

However cheap a service or software may be, but there is always a cost associated with training and implementation. Whether you are introducing a new software or revamping an old one, there will be a period of implementation. This time is also utilized to train your staff on the new changes that will occur once the implementation phase is over. Even if you phase out external cost and keep it low key, do not forget the in-house cost of deployment and training.

Staff Recognition –

Traditionally speaking, CRM is not the first choice for sales people. They resist it as they feel it may risk their position within the company once they provide details about every customer. Also, they look at it from a compliance point of view rather than a tool which makes their work easy.

The task at hand is to make them understand the value of CRM. Think of ways to prove them the value add of CRM in making their sales pipeline smooth and forecast more accurate. Also, it should not be very difficult to learn and use. This might further resist the change.

Mobility –

Choose a CRM system which provides you the flexibility of accessing it from multiple devices. Your sales team will be outdoor most of the time and would require using the software from their phones, laptops, and tablets as per their need.

Flexibility and Customization –

Every organization is different and so will be yours. The CRM you choose to implement should be flexible enough for you to customize it according to your own processes. Adaptability is another important trait which should be present as it will be required to grow with your business in future and should not require a replacement very soon.

At the same time try to keep it as simple as possible. The more complicated it will be, the more people will resist it.

Compatibility –

Ensure that the CRM you choose is compatible with the interfaces already in place. If you need help in assessing the compatibility of the CRM or require a third-party to integrate it, you can contact WebBee Global services for cost-effective integration services.

Reporting –

Reporting services of the software can enable it to start apart from the competitors. Using the unique data to get customized reports can highly ease your work and showcase your weak points, strengths, and opportunities for improvements. A lot of times data brings out the real picture whereas you may continue to think that all your processes are working fine.

Demo –

Take the opportunity to get the product demo before buying it. Test the demo and functions which are critical to your business. This way you can be sure of the product you are getting. Also if any customization is required, talk to the vendor during the demo. Take as much time as possible to satisfy yourself and save your time in the long run.

Ensure your sales team understands the importance of giving the correct input about products, services, clients, closed sales, and pricing. This will make it easy for you to get the right picture. With all these features, CRM can make your life easy and you can have a happy and successful team.

WebBee Global integrates CRM software with your system and ensures you have error-free data which can be viewed in a single shot. WebBee has a team of dedicated professionals who can customize your CRM software or can also give their own in-house CRM which can seamlessly integrate your existing customer data.

The integration service provided by WebBee is flawless and you will find it more productive and profitable for your business. Initial help is always beneficial when deploying a new software across the organization, especially if you have limited IT staff and the software are new.

Set your foot right with the correct CRM system in place and reap the unlimited benefits with customized integration services of WebBee.


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