How Mobility is Transforming The World of Business?

The business organization these days are changing rapidly. The nexus of mobility, social networking, cloud, and the Internet, are the “Nexus of Forces”, as per Gartner. Such paradigm-shift in the business organization enable the most medium and large business organizations to reconsider their mobile strategies. Employees, customers, and other users are bringing their own devices, downloading their own applications and creating their own IT.

Mobility is changing the rules-of-the-business, drastically the way industries operate. Not a single industry, but every industry. Such shift from a wired to a wireless world, from the unconnected to the connected world, is proving to be the dynamic shift from horses to automobiles.

The similar paradigm shift from the desktop model workplace to mobile device based offices has introduced multiple dimensions as to how business operates. In the present scenarios, Digital Transformation is turning out to be one of the pertinent IT agendas. Predictably, it has been assumed that in coming years, 80 percent of devices used in corporations going to be the mobile devices.

Several software application/packages

The numerous IT backlog continues as business organizations struggle with their various applications. To handle such rapidly changing demands of the digital business and rapidly scale systems up or down, computing has to migrate from static to dynamic models, as per Gartner.

Models, rules, and code that can dynamically assemble and configure all of the elements needed from the network via the application are required. Departments and business units are going to deliver the non-compliant, non-standard applications, and software packages into the running business and host them on the cloud with their respective corporate credit cards.

SaaS solutions and other DBaaS solutions and services will continue segmenting and fragmenting the software landscape with visual report writers and analytic interfaces supporting end users in making timely decisions.

Web Apps, native apps, and hybrid apps

In 2014 business organizations spent 30% on the hybrid app, 39% of the time on native, and 31% on mobile web apps. The experts and other analysts predicted in their reports about how mobile web app and hybrid apps are taking over the enterprise space, however, a growing demand for native apps are also been observed.

Data is Important

Good mobile services are empowered by data to deliver a smart personalized, real-time experience and the provision of constantly tracking, monitoring, and collecting data that can be used to enhance the business and future versions of the app. This is crucial as this will make your enterprise mobility service stand out in the competition. For examples: Google Maps prediction based on previous searches and content.

Enhanced Security

As per the Linked In Cloud Security Spotlight reports that included insight from more than 250,000 respondents from different business organizations. From these participants, 71 percent indicated they are planning or have deployed cloud environments. Hybrid cloud implementation was in the majority, having approx. 70 percent of the cloud users counting on a union of the public and private solutions. Storage was observed to be used most conventionally, using cloud solutions, which is followed by the business apps, computing, virtualization, and networking.

Despite this potential flow in the use of the cloud, the report also projected that security fears were prominent among respondents. Approximately half of the respondents found that cloud security is the main concern for the cloud adoption, while 41 percent mentioned the other issues of data loss and leakage risks as impediments to implementation. 90 percent of the respondents felt that they are extremely concerned about public cloud security. In context to the types of security threats which was the cause of the concern to the respondents, 63 percent were concerned regarding the possibility of the unauthorized access, and 61 percent feared account hijacking, also, 43 percent were concerned by the threat of malicious insiders.

The mobility factor of the business organizations, along with enterprise mobile apps, are altering the way, this world is performing the business. The business organizations need to start today in recognizing their main initiatives depending on the current and future trends in the mobility.

About WebBee

At WebBee, we provide the customized app development, scalable, secure ERP integration tools, and pioneer services. Our capable novel strategies enable businesses via reaching out to various marketplaces with our cutting-edge integrated eSolutions. Our dedicated team works seamlessly for deploying and maintaining complicated business-specific integrations. Our core mission is to empower business-fit platform independent applications for collaborating and connecting marketplaces, at the global level.


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