Top three NetSuite Webstore features to help maximizing your business

The NetSuite Webstore is one of the power packed applications, loaded with multiple features. It is undeniably the best among the premium NetSuite services offered in the market place today. The webstore developed by NetSuite is more relevant to the online business owners who need comprehensive solutions that are enabled with easy to implement applications. NetSuite has always been proactive in its innovative approach to design and develop applications and solutions that are flexible to integrate on e-commerce web platforms. From an e-tailer point of view, you can be more than assured about the webstore features that can enrich your business with desirable features along with improving the best prospects of your sales revenues.

The top three features of webstore include shopping cart integration, top edge order management and multiple webstore management options.

  •  The shopping cart powered by NetSuite Webstore has added advantages in terms of accepting payments from multiple options like credit cards and different currencies, apart from facilitating secured shopping experience for your customers.
    •    You can find the difference in terms of convenience and ease of operating complex e-commerce systems with an end-to-end order management feature which is an inbuilt process of the webstore. You can easily bypass the tedious and time consuming manual processes by turning to NetSuite integrated solutions.
    •    The multiple webstore management is a unique and profitable option for you to maximize your brand positioning and enhance the visibility of various products. You can create and operate with multiple webstores based on well defined and classified product segregation criteria.

Companies dealing with NetSuite services can simplify the integration and maintenance processes for you; it is wise for you to engage a premium service provider because you would need more guidance to flawlessly manage multiple functions on a single platform.

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The ease of NetSuite API Integration reflects its uniqueness

If you are familiar with IT systems and applications, you would relate with the fact that many such applications are recommended to support certain specific functions. Many times these applications are critiqued for their limited functional support as they are not well optimized to deliver desired outcome on multiple platforms. On the other hand, you might come across solutions and applications that are universally relevant because they are simply unique. NetSuite is one such solution with multiple inbuilt features that are designed to integrate various platforms through NetSuite API Integration. It is a simple process that is implemented with the help of NetSuite SuiteScript which typically opens up an access gateway for accessing various e-commerce and search engine platforms. It is just a single application that can be customized and integrated over multiple platforms.

Going beyond the regular e-commerce platforms that used to be hosted on dedicated servers, if your business requires cloud hosting or virtualization, you can still go ahead with NetSuite API Integration. NetSuite is unique because its adaptability with several other solutions including CloudHub. You can selectively define the set of NetSuite features you want to integrate with a pre-existing platform and customize your options to achieve a great deal of process automation. The NetSuite SuiteScript which is at the backdrop of API integration has several other extended advantages in terms of technology interventions. For instance, the whole range of MS Office applications can easily sync with the NetSuite connectors or integrators. Such a solution is preferred by enterprises that are used to some pattern of working on applications like MS Outlook. Similarly, it has the advantage of easily synchronizing with various online solutions you are already comfortable with. The transitional experience with NetSuite shall enhance your performance without having to make major systemic changes.

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Key Elements and Significant Aspects of Netsuite Connectors You Can’t Ignore

It doesn’t really need a genius to understand the applications and interactive platforms powered by NetSuite connectors, thanks to the enhanced features of NetSuite that will enable your business in more than a few ways. Being the premium performance enabling platform that is also a pioneering web application shared through SaaS, NetSuite is virtually for every business with well classified business functional areas. If your company has various functionalities carved out to become more effective and efficient, NetSuite helps to smartly manage your business and operational aspects of your company by integrating multiple functions with desired customization. The NetSuite connectors implemented by Webbee are also personalized to deliver unique value propositions to access, collate and synchronize all the necessary data from various platforms. If your company is fast growing, it is indeed time for you to consider NetSuite integration which is also managed by the experts in the industry.

The major functional aspects covered by NetSuite connectors are three- Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management and Professional Services Automation. You would agree without a lot of thinking and deliberation that these three functional areas are the most desirable among many other premium functions that drive a company’s performance which has to be smartly tracked and represented with justifiable analytics. NetSuite is not merely about the date synchronization, but it has a lot to do with integrating diversified, yet related areas of performance. While you have the essential understanding about the advantages and applications of this SaaS enabled platform, you need to be concerned about your preferred option of the service provider who can not only help you with integration, but also manage the solution well. It’s all depending on the technical expertise and knowhow of the technology vendors you are depending on. While you are rest assured about the applications of NetSuite, be smart to get the right resources at work.

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How to Effectively Manage Your Business with Amazon MWS

For those who are not aware, Amazon MWS stands for Amazon Marketplace Web Service which has exclusive features and benefits for Amazon sellers. It virtually facilities multiple functions including sales level automation which is also an enabling factor to enhance business prospects, so if you are an aspiring Amazon seller, this is something you just can’t ignore. Since it has a very well programmed option for data exchange which in turn supports an easy management of product listings, order creation, payment processing and report generation, you can comprehensively route all your functional requirements to diligently handle your sales processes at Amazon. It is indeed a great achievement to excel as a premium seller on Amazon and MWS is one of the built-in applications to help you to experience seamless convenience in complying with globally acclaimed online sales operation processes.

NetSuite Amazon is yet another NetSuite connector that is exclusively developed to enable MWS integration at a great ease and comfort. You can expect maximum leverage by reaching out to the universe of marketplace buyers while optimally benefiting from all the NetSuite comprehensive features that will enable you to smartly manage various aspects of customer relationship management. Some of the major benefits include the possibility of automated inventory synchronization with product categories, sold items, pricing notifications and managing images from time to time. You can optimize NetSuite for multiple locations and further configure it for custom order creation, updating customer information and shipping process management. You can look around for a sound technology partner who can flawlessly implement the API and other enabling applications on Amazon for your business. Your success being an Amazon seller is squarely depending on your caliber to maximally utilize all the features and optimize key processes so as to enhance customer outreach and effective servicing.

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Amazon MWS and Amazon MWS API

eCommerce businesses have found the missing link that just makes everything so perfect, so well managed. Online business in today’s world means a well-structured and nicely organized venture that works just about robotically. So how does this all happen? Let’s know about Amazon MWS that makes it all possible.

Amazon MWS stands for Amazon Marketplace Web Service, which is an integrated web service API. It helps the sellers at Amazon to exchange data on parameters such as listings, payments, orders, and reports among others. The integration of XML data with Amazon allows higher levels of selling automation to help sell their product and grow the business. With the use of Amazon MWS API, sellers can increase efficiency in sales, lower the requirements of labor and improve customer response time.

With the Cart information API section of Amazon Marketplace Internet Service, you’ll be able to retrieve carts that your Amazon Webstore customers have created and abandoned. The Cart information API section allows you to programmatically integrate Amazon Webstore cart info along with your CRM systems, promoting applications, and different systems that need cart data.

With the client info API section of Amazon Marketplace web service, you’ll also be able to retrieve info from your customer’s accounts. This client data includes client name, contact details, client account type and related Amazon Webstore. The client information API section allows you to integrate Amazon Webstore client account info along with your CRM systems, promoting applications, and different systems that need client data.

With the section of Webstore API, one can plan and fix their Amazon Inventory cycle of replacement and refill, by tracking the products subscribed by the customers. ‘Notify me when available’ tab is an important feature that informs the buyer about availability if subscribed. The API Section of Webstore can also furnish information and data about the various notifications sent to customers when the products are back in stock.

Developers will use the web site Customization API set to make distinctive shopping for experiences and integrate your Amazon Webstore with different applications and systems. You can use the Search Product API to retrieve one product, or a group of merchandise. You’ll be able to retrieve merchandise by a question expression, like a group of keywords through the API.

The Search Product API returns everything you wish to drive a product search result application. The Browse categories API supports the hierarchy retrieval of class pages. A category page is employed to categorize or assign merchandise so as to show them on totally different pages of an Amazon Webstore.

Adding to the existing Webstore search and APIs for products, one can use the batch of an API to find data for multiple products; this is done using a service call. The server respond to API calls for each and every call it receives, that includes the ones added in the batch request. After the call is responded, you can then parse the calls and relate the obtained results with original API.

Similarly the cart API provides the ability for a seller to add, replace and remove products in customer’s cart; these are all different function of API automated by Amazon MWS API.

With Amazon MWS and API, eCommerce businesses are bound to take a leap and there isn’t going to be any looking back here after. It’s just nothing less than the magic wand your business management ever needed.

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NetSuite EBay Connectors – Way to connect with ecommerce Website

The NetSuite EBay integration is an integration that seamlessly connects the NetSuite ERP and EBay Merchant. The greatest benefit of such a connector in general is the integrated solution which encompasses all the back office features of NetSuite ERP and the ecommerce attributes of the EBay platform. All these features are fully automated, thus enabling the online merchants to properly focus on the more important sectors, sales and managing the little details of fulfillment processes. This ultimately saves them a lot of time and adds productivity to the business in its entirety. It also saves a lot of effort that usually are wasted in manually performing the synchronization of EBay and NetSuite.

NetSuite development in USA runs within the confines of your NetSuite account and all the management of your NetSuite ERP and EBay merchant service is performed under the user interface of NetSuite.

Why Netsuite eBay connectors?

The NetSuite eBay connector enables the customers to import complete checkout orders in association with their customer data. This import is done to your NetSuite ERP Account from eBay Webstore listings.

It also enables the user to get access of the shipping information, which also includes carrier, tracking number and shipping date from their NetSuite account to eBay Webstore.

Key Features

  • Product & Inventory Sync

One of the key features is Product & Inventory Sync; it delivers real time product and exports it to eBay, it also provides user interface in NetSuite for item creation which is in total eBay style.

  • Orders & Customers Sync

This is another key feature of this connector; it transfers orders and transfers customers to NetSuite ERP in real time. It also help identify repeat clients and customers in the whole system, it supports multiple payment modes, such as debit/credit card payments, net banking payments and payment using gift cards.

  • Export Shipping Details

Another Major Key Feature is that it can export Shipping details from the NetSuite Account to eBay client transferring data in real time. It also syncs the various shipping methods across NetSuite and eBay.

Key Benefit

Time and Money Saving

A major benefit of the NetSuite eBay connector is that it saves a lot of time and data entry as it automates the creation sale orders, invoice and payments and the storage of customer records in the NetSuite account.

The eBay NetSuite Connector automatically does your order of sales, invoices, payments, and take care of your customer records for every complete and incomplete checkout orders. To keep record of all eBay sales and posts about shipping and tracking is another benefit of the integration of eBay and NetSuite.

With such time and money saved, you would be able to maximize your investment spent in the eBay Webstore. You would be able to streamline all your fulfillment process.

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Connect with NetSuite Amazon Connectors

The NetSuite Amazon Connector enables software developers to make software and apps. These apps use the Amazon Web Services and control the NetSuite’s highly integrated cloud-enterprise. SuiteStorage Connector is made on the development platform of NetSuite’s SuiteCloud. It is naturally built to integrate NetSuite and Amazon. With the help of this connector, NetSuite Customers will have access to the user interface which is create for storing and retrieving files from Amazon S3. While maintaining the database integrity, it will allow the data intensive customers to see an increase in the performance.

The Prime beneficiaries of the integration of Amazon and NetSuite clouds is the customers as the two companies show their commitment to minimize their customer’s cost and infrastructure responsibilities. is the biggest ecommerce platform with close to 100 million users, selling your product using it will boost your online sales for good. The NetSuite Amazon integration automates many sections of your company, for which you will probably need manual help otherwise.

Here is a list of activities automatically performed by the connector:

  • Import Sales Orders from Amazon: The orders you place in Amazon will be automatically imported to NetSuite with the help of the connector.
  • Export Fulfillment Transactions to Amazon: When the orders are fulfilled in NetSuite, it exports the fulfillment transactions to Amazon so that the customers will have full accessibility of their order status.
  • Export items: If you are a retailer, you can easily designate items to Amazon from NetSuite and create a neat looking Amazon Product Catalog.

Other Benefits of the NetSuite Amazon Connector

Other benefits of NetSuite Amazon Connector are that it runs every necessary process in one system, so you get the whole picture clearly and it helps you decide the next move with clarity. It helps you get rid of all the unnecessary tedious jobs you need to do manually as it automates these jobs mentioned above. It charges a onetime fee and rids you of the many ongoing costs otherwise; it makes the work easier and increases the productivity.

NetSuite Amazon Connector is successful application and a tried and tested module already installed in many other companies. In this integration, the data of the Amazon settlement Report is also included in NetSuite.

Key Attributes of NetSuite Amazon Connectors

  1. Product and Inventory
  2. Sales and Fulfillment
  3. Settlement

Products and Inventory: The NetSuite Amazon Connector supports many items of catalog and then it can be attributed to Amazon Webstore developer and can be sold at Amazon.

Sales and Fulfillment: When Connected with Amazon, the NetSuite Dashboard will alert the customers particularly when a product is available.

Settlement: Apart from all the technical advances, this connector will also reconcile with cash sales of Amazon. You can process your tax liabilities of the taxed items in Amazon.

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