How Mobility is Transforming The World of Business?

The business organization these days are changing rapidly. The nexus of mobility, social networking, cloud, and the Internet, are the “Nexus of Forces”, as per Gartner. Such paradigm-shift in the business organization enable the most medium and large business organizations to reconsider their mobile strategies. Employees, customers, and other users are bringing their own devices, downloading their own applications and creating their own IT.

Mobility is changing the rules-of-the-business, drastically the way industries operate. Not a single industry, but every industry. Such shift from a wired to a wireless world, from the unconnected to the connected world, is proving to be the dynamic shift from horses to automobiles.

The similar paradigm shift from the desktop model workplace to mobile device based offices has introduced multiple dimensions as to how business operates. In the present scenarios, Digital Transformation is turning out to be one of the pertinent IT agendas. Predictably, it has been assumed that in coming years, 80 percent of devices used in corporations going to be the mobile devices.

Several software application/packages

The numerous IT backlog continues as business organizations struggle with their various applications. To handle such rapidly changing demands of the digital business and rapidly scale systems up or down, computing has to migrate from static to dynamic models, as per Gartner.

Models, rules, and code that can dynamically assemble and configure all of the elements needed from the network via the application are required. Departments and business units are going to deliver the non-compliant, non-standard applications, and software packages into the running business and host them on the cloud with their respective corporate credit cards.

SaaS solutions and other DBaaS solutions and services will continue segmenting and fragmenting the software landscape with visual report writers and analytic interfaces supporting end users in making timely decisions.

Web Apps, native apps, and hybrid apps

In 2014 business organizations spent 30% on the hybrid app, 39% of the time on native, and 31% on mobile web apps. The experts and other analysts predicted in their reports about how mobile web app and hybrid apps are taking over the enterprise space, however, a growing demand for native apps are also been observed.

Data is Important

Good mobile services are empowered by data to deliver a smart personalized, real-time experience and the provision of constantly tracking, monitoring, and collecting data that can be used to enhance the business and future versions of the app. This is crucial as this will make your enterprise mobility service stand out in the competition. For examples: Google Maps prediction based on previous searches and content.

Enhanced Security

As per the Linked In Cloud Security Spotlight reports that included insight from more than 250,000 respondents from different business organizations. From these participants, 71 percent indicated they are planning or have deployed cloud environments. Hybrid cloud implementation was in the majority, having approx. 70 percent of the cloud users counting on a union of the public and private solutions. Storage was observed to be used most conventionally, using cloud solutions, which is followed by the business apps, computing, virtualization, and networking.

Despite this potential flow in the use of the cloud, the report also projected that security fears were prominent among respondents. Approximately half of the respondents found that cloud security is the main concern for the cloud adoption, while 41 percent mentioned the other issues of data loss and leakage risks as impediments to implementation. 90 percent of the respondents felt that they are extremely concerned about public cloud security. In context to the types of security threats which was the cause of the concern to the respondents, 63 percent were concerned regarding the possibility of the unauthorized access, and 61 percent feared account hijacking, also, 43 percent were concerned by the threat of malicious insiders.

The mobility factor of the business organizations, along with enterprise mobile apps, are altering the way, this world is performing the business. The business organizations need to start today in recognizing their main initiatives depending on the current and future trends in the mobility.

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At WebBee, we provide the customized app development, scalable, secure ERP integration tools, and pioneer services. Our capable novel strategies enable businesses via reaching out to various marketplaces with our cutting-edge integrated eSolutions. Our dedicated team works seamlessly for deploying and maintaining complicated business-specific integrations. Our core mission is to empower business-fit platform independent applications for collaborating and connecting marketplaces, at the global level.

How To Choose The Right CRM For Your Organization?

When you are looking to save on cost as well as on manual effort, a CRM solution is the way to go. Customer Relationship Management solutions is a logical choice for your team as well as customers. It becomes easy to manage your customer database and sales at the same time.

But with so many options to choose from, it may not be easy to pick one. Every CRM promises to provide you with several functionalities and features. How well they perform is the thing to be tested only when you start using the software. Well, to avoid putting your money in the wrong basket, we have come up with few pointers which will help you to make a better choice when you are about to select a CRM solution for your organization.

 But before we begin, let us look into what CRM actually does. This information may help you during your selection process.

What is CRM and how does it help your business?

Initially built to manage customer relationships, this software has evolved its way into a holistic solution for managing sales, accounting, vendors, operational data, and point of sales knit all into one. With CRM you can generate leads, follow them through the sales process and manage your customer loyalty with saving customer information.

Though you can deploy various software to complete these tasks, however, CRM can do all these automatically and provide your sales team all the tools to simply their tasks and grow your business simultaneously.

Goal of your Business –

Yes, it is true, that CRM can be a one-stop solution for most of your business needs. But before investing, analyze what your needs are. Some forethought will be helpful in assessing your current situation. Look into the challenges of your business and for starters, you can ask yourself the following:

  • Track Leads and Lead Activity
  • Track Customer Base
  • Track Opportunities and Closing Rates
  • Offer Connectivity Between Teams
  • Manage Relationships
  • Generate Customized Reporting

CRM will keep all your information organized in one place and act as a single database repository. This all can be done automatically through a CRM system. If the above functions are not your basic goals, then maybe you should look elsewhere. CRM system largely depends on your business as well as IT needs. So choose wisely.

Cost of Implementation –

However cheap a service or software may be, but there is always a cost associated with training and implementation. Whether you are introducing a new software or revamping an old one, there will be a period of implementation. This time is also utilized to train your staff on the new changes that will occur once the implementation phase is over. Even if you phase out external cost and keep it low key, do not forget the in-house cost of deployment and training.

Staff Recognition –

Traditionally speaking, CRM is not the first choice for sales people. They resist it as they feel it may risk their position within the company once they provide details about every customer. Also, they look at it from a compliance point of view rather than a tool which makes their work easy.

The task at hand is to make them understand the value of CRM. Think of ways to prove them the value add of CRM in making their sales pipeline smooth and forecast more accurate. Also, it should not be very difficult to learn and use. This might further resist the change.

Mobility –

Choose a CRM system which provides you the flexibility of accessing it from multiple devices. Your sales team will be outdoor most of the time and would require using the software from their phones, laptops, and tablets as per their need.

Flexibility and Customization –

Every organization is different and so will be yours. The CRM you choose to implement should be flexible enough for you to customize it according to your own processes. Adaptability is another important trait which should be present as it will be required to grow with your business in future and should not require a replacement very soon.

At the same time try to keep it as simple as possible. The more complicated it will be, the more people will resist it.

Compatibility –

Ensure that the CRM you choose is compatible with the interfaces already in place. If you need help in assessing the compatibility of the CRM or require a third-party to integrate it, you can contact WebBee Global services for cost-effective integration services.

Reporting –

Reporting services of the software can enable it to start apart from the competitors. Using the unique data to get customized reports can highly ease your work and showcase your weak points, strengths, and opportunities for improvements. A lot of times data brings out the real picture whereas you may continue to think that all your processes are working fine.

Demo –

Take the opportunity to get the product demo before buying it. Test the demo and functions which are critical to your business. This way you can be sure of the product you are getting. Also if any customization is required, talk to the vendor during the demo. Take as much time as possible to satisfy yourself and save your time in the long run.

Ensure your sales team understands the importance of giving the correct input about products, services, clients, closed sales, and pricing. This will make it easy for you to get the right picture. With all these features, CRM can make your life easy and you can have a happy and successful team.

WebBee Global integrates CRM software with your system and ensures you have error-free data which can be viewed in a single shot. WebBee has a team of dedicated professionals who can customize your CRM software or can also give their own in-house CRM which can seamlessly integrate your existing customer data.

The integration service provided by WebBee is flawless and you will find it more productive and profitable for your business. Initial help is always beneficial when deploying a new software across the organization, especially if you have limited IT staff and the software are new.

Set your foot right with the correct CRM system in place and reap the unlimited benefits with customized integration services of WebBee.

Re-Position Businesses with NetSuite Amazon Integration

Increase business sales, reaching to millions of buyers on the Amazon marketplace, leveraging the profound back-office features of NetSuite with WebBee global.

Our NetSuite Amazon Integration Connector let your business focus efficiently on managing orders and inventory status, without bothering about keeping Amazon Seller and NetSuite accounts in sync.

The Main Benefits of WebBee NetSuite Amazon Connector are :

  • Low-cost, monthly fee
  • Seamless, automated integration with NetSuite, saving time & effort
  • Support Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) listings and transactions in single connector
  • High flexibility. Append additional functionality or customize product or transaction field mappings
  • Dedicated support team

Support all Amazon marketplaces present in US,UK,Canada,Australia, etc. The main features are listed below :

Orders & Customer Sync

  • Automatically Identifies repeat customers in the system
  • Automatically transfers all orders & related customer data to NetSuite as soon as
  • customers check out from the Amazon marketplace
  • Supports both FBA and FBM order types

Product & Inventory Sync

  • Automatically publish item listings from NetSuite to Amazon
  • Track your Amazon FBA inventory in real-time from NetSuite
  • Update inventory quantities from different warehouses in NetSuite to Amazon (in real-time)
  • Update item pricing (in real-time) from NetSuite to Amazon
  • Supports all Amazon Product Categories

Fulfillment & Shipping Sync

  • Automatically sync fulfillment status and shipping data from NetSuite to Amazon
  • Support partial fulfillment
  • Reconcile FBA shipments
  • Create FBA Shipments and Transfer Orders / Inventory Transfers

Refunds & Cancellations Sync

  • Automatically import order cancellations from Amazon to NetSuite (in-real time)
  • Automatically import refunds from Amazon to NetSuite (in-real time)

Billing & Invoices Sync

  • Automatic generation of cash sales and invoices in NetSuite
  • Automatic synchronization of settlement reports from Amazon to NetSuite
  • Automatic synchronization of invoices from NetSuite to Amazon in real-time

Subscribe to WebBee NetSuite Integration for Magento, Shopify, Amazon and ebay for effective business outcomes. Our dynamic integration automates your entire business requirement in the virtual world of eCommerce.

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QuickBooks Online Enable Convenient Remote Accessibility

WebBee QuickBooks Online integration offers business owners the convenient remote access to the information. Any authorized user can log into respective QuickBooks account from anywhere, at any time, from any web browser, giving powerful access of information to the authenticate users.

Such WebBee QuickBooks integration is a great fit for any service-based business. Our QuickBooks Online Integration can benefit your organization in the following ways:

  •  Enhanced shared access to data with imperative stakeholders
  • No upgrades or release updates monitoring and management
  • Robust support and assistance with online chat
  • Easier and simple app sync with automatic downloads
  •  No overhead of backup management, however your data is secure on data servers
  •  You are allowed to automatically send invoices and statements
  • You are permitted automatically to send reports
  • Bank and credit card smooth transactions
  • Multi-tasking, multi-user provision
  •  iPad and iPhone apps are free with automatic sync
  •  Option to receive payments by credit card and other electronic payments

How our NetSuite-eBay integrations can affect your routine business processes?

 Track your income and expenses
 Send unlimited estimates and invoices
 Download transactions from your bank and credit card accounts
 Access your data online via a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone
 Payroll subscription
 Manage and pay bills
 Control what your users can access
 Create and send purchase orders
 Track inventory

With our QuickBooks Online integration eCommerce services, the business organizations can minimize monthly costs and optimizes business productivity. Subscribe to our QuickBooks online integrated services to avail the experience and benefit of working online in the cloud, backed by automatic secure backups and updates .

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Real Time Potentials of NetSuite Integration

Integrating and collaborating enterprise applications and technology in today’s IT driven business environment could be challenging. Organizations today demand business management solutions, flexible enough to accommodate changing business needs, dynamically. NetSuite ERP empowers business organizations to control and manage IT costs, streamline, optimize business operations, eliminate manual reporting, ultimately improving business productivity.

Netsuite Integration

WebBee supports the following advantages, experienced by the NetSuite using organizations:

  • Cut order-to-cash cycle by 50%+ ,
  • Accelerate financial close by 20%-50% ,
  • Reduce IT costs by 50% or more ,
  • Reduce audit preparation time by 50% ,
  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by 10%-20%,
  • Reduce invoicing costs by 25%-75%.

The Business Boosting Benefits of NetSuite ERP:

  • Catalyze operation efficiency, productivity with a single platform integrated system, for handling all core processes of the users anywhere, globally.
  • Timely reporting with centralize management of all activities, reducing time and resource optimization, resolving errors.
  • In accordance with various standards and government regulations, ongoing compliance with revenue recognition, tax requirements and reporting.
  • Real-time 360 degree visibility, to consolidated business outcomes, at a summary level, underlying transactional details.

The WebBee NetSuite ERP customized and integrated services provides the business-specific solutions with everything your business might need to establish efficient processes, gaining transparency into the business operations.

Moreover, towards a standard ledger functionality, flexible workflow tools to customize business processes and multi-currency support, the NetSuite also offers the following:

  • Inventory fulfillment from factory-to-store with supply chain management capabilities.
  • Complete fixed asset lifecycle tracking and reporting from acquisition to depreciation till retirement.
  • Automatic revenue recognition as per the accounting standards via using flexible scheduling and sophisticated allocations.
  • Complete-service payroll processing with time tracking support, incentive compensation and expense reimbursement.
  •  End-to-end 360 degree visibility of receivables and payables with integrated order-to-cash (i.e. sales order, collection, billing) and procure-to-pay (requisition, invoice, purchase order,) transaction management.
  •  Integrated budgeted and forecasted tools to manage financial projections.

The WebBee NetSuite ERP integrated and customized services helps organizations to streamline the close process with abilities to manage period-end activities, also detect and respond to issues before they get escalated.

NetSuite optimizes the business management solution and enables compliance by providing:

1. Period close checklist of assignments to be finished sequentially.
2. Period locking to shield incorrect postings.
3. Inter-organization transaction adjustments, foreign currency revaluation and inventory.
4. The rule-driven engine, producing reporting as per the set standards.
5. Country-specific reporting tools with pre-defined tax filing specifications.
6. Authenticate roles with permissions, segregating authorize accessibility.
7. Audit trail visibility into detailed transaction history, reports and saved searches.
8. Real-Time Reporting and Analytics
9. Anywhere, any authorize the business user, at any time can create meaningful reports with easy-to- use tools via any device connected to the internet.
10. Monitor the latest business outcomes as part of everyday activities, identify the root cause of the problems, taking corrective measures.

NetSuite delivers real-time information with:

1) Personalized dashboards for monitoring the KPIs, significant for any respective role.
2) Pre-designed reports and easy-to-use report builder for customize ad-hoc reports.
3) Consolidate reporting for multiple subsidiaries and currencies.
4) Information accessibility with a mobile device.

NetSuite delivers flexible solutions to address various needs of the business organization. However, as business needs are changing towards expansion, handling data and security in terms of velocity, volume, variety, and veracity in real-time is a challenge today. With the emergence of the more profound applications and extended enhanced business processes, the wholesale distributors via NetSuite may require exploring the probability of integration of NetSuite with specific third-party applications (3PL). WebBee global serving NetSuite Integrated and customized service, successfully since last several years. Our consultant, are technically qualified, experienced, and all capable of serving business-specific NetSuite customized integration, connecting you with the world.

What else our NetSuite consultancy support?

In today’s world of altering business dynamics, WebBee NetSuite Consultation practices an on-going improvisation. Our integrated single platform applications support business-specific strategic initiatives and dedicated support. To counter the ongoing business challenges of keeping pace with technology, we offer the following consultation:

  • Business Scope analysis and Project Planning
  • Design and Implementation
  • Data Migration
  • Integration
  • Customization Services
  • Technical Support
  • Functional Support

We serve! We Enable! We Grow! The businesses of any size. We serve our innovative business-driven NetSuite integration considering “what’s next in the future of the business”. At WebBee, you get benefited with our collaborative services. To learn more visit :

Enhance Accounting Potentials with WebBee QuickBooks Integration

WebBee QuickBooks integration prides itself on building and maintaining accounting efficiency with our customer partnerships. Most accounting firms are automating entire accounting via integrating various processes, such that entire accounting data is synchronized and centralized. Such connectors are the key drivers of the business financial automation. Our NetSuite integrated services with QuickBooks accounting bring efficiencies to the NetSuite eCommerce Integration.

The real-time, anywhere, anytime, accessibility of the information accelerates the entire business operations. Such cloud-based technological practices, scale businesses at the heights of success attaining the standard business requirements.

Our services include ecommerce integration and customize business management solutions. Our focus is on business process automation such that the entire ecommerce gets connected rendering a uniform real-time information to the stakeholders.

We are proficiently executing several QuickBooks integrated services, to name the few, are as follows:  QuickBooks BigCommerce integration, QuickBooks CRM integration, QuickBooks Amazon integration. QuickBooks Shopping Cart integration, QuickBooks bar-code integration, QuickBooks bank integration, etc.

Our services align your business with the market leaders leveraging your business application potentials. This assures that your business gets benefited with high ROI within cost-effective investments.

Get integrated with cloud-based WebBee NetSuite ERP customize solutions and QuickBooks Integration, today!  WebBee contributes in enhancing brand reputation and client satisfaction, streamlining your business.


Top three NetSuite Webstore features to help maximizing your business

The NetSuite Webstore is one of the power packed applications, loaded with multiple features. It is undeniably the best among the premium NetSuite services offered in the market place today. The webstore developed by NetSuite is more relevant to the online business owners who need comprehensive solutions that are enabled with easy to implement applications. NetSuite has always been proactive in its innovative approach to design and develop applications and solutions that are flexible to integrate on e-commerce web platforms. From an e-tailer point of view, you can be more than assured about the webstore features that can enrich your business with desirable features along with improving the best prospects of your sales revenues.

The top three features of webstore include shopping cart integration, top edge order management and multiple webstore management options.

  •  The shopping cart powered by NetSuite Webstore has added advantages in terms of accepting payments from multiple options like credit cards and different currencies, apart from facilitating secured shopping experience for your customers.
    •    You can find the difference in terms of convenience and ease of operating complex e-commerce systems with an end-to-end order management feature which is an inbuilt process of the webstore. You can easily bypass the tedious and time consuming manual processes by turning to NetSuite integrated solutions.
    •    The multiple webstore management is a unique and profitable option for you to maximize your brand positioning and enhance the visibility of various products. You can create and operate with multiple webstores based on well defined and classified product segregation criteria.

Companies dealing with NetSuite services can simplify the integration and maintenance processes for you; it is wise for you to engage a premium service provider because you would need more guidance to flawlessly manage multiple functions on a single platform.

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