Tips On How To Generate More Sales Through Your Estore?

You have an unsullied online store with amazing products and images. Yet you are struggling to make it to the top. You do not have enough traffic to turn them into real sales. Every business takes a considerable amount of time to grow and make profits. But if you have been struggling since long, it may be time to make some changes.

Here are few tips which you can implement to boost your sales and generate quality traffic to your online store –

Display your products on Google Shopping –

Listing your products on Google Shopping will make them appear in Google searches, YouTube, image searches and more. Investing in SEO would be an added advantage along with Google Shopping Campaign as your site will be available on the first page. It’s a paid service. However, you pay only when a shopper clicks through or visits your local inventory.

It increases your chances of selling the products to a wider range of customers. Sometimes a customer clicks on the product just to see if it appeals them enough to buy. This happens only if your product is visible without any custom search for your site.  If your products are unique and not available on the other stores, it will further enhance your clientele.

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Marketing Automation –

If you are running an online store for some time now, you must have come across the word marketing automation to promote your products. In case you haven’t, while looking for ways to market your store, it means to make use of a tool to automate repetitive tasks with the sole purpose to be effective at marketing and promoting your brand.

Beware of the mixed jargons used for marketing. Some definitions like ‘email automation’ are used to confuse users for ‘marketing automation’ which is far from the truth.  Though it is partly true as email marketing forms a part of marketing automation and comes under it but doesn’t define it completely. There is much more to marketing than just emails. ‘SMS marketing’ forms a significant part of marketing automation as well and cannot be ignored at all.

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How to use Marketing Automation to your advantage –

  • Promotional emails

One of the classic methods of generating sales is through Discounts and Sales. They never go out of fashion and always gather a crowd. Most of the companies make huge profits even during sales. The idea is to sell more products with low margin to reach the bottom line. Most marketing automation tools use emails as a medium to send promotional emails to their customers.

Another benefit that comes with this is that you as a company can distribute or segment your customers depending on their purchasing power and their past purchase history. This data can be used to target particular customers with personalized emails for upselling.

  • Cross Selling

Cross-selling is another method deployed to upscale your marketing drive. This method involves selling a different product to an existing customer. However, it is also used for first-time customers as well. Big e-commerce sellers are often seen practicing this approach. If Amazon is doing it, it hardly needs proofing!

Cross selling increases average order value that automatically generates more sales. It is a proven tactic for an e-commerce store to grow their sales. You can also make use of product recommendation tool to cross-sell your products to your existing customers or use emails to notify them of other products matching their last purchase.

cross sell

  • Cart recovery emails

A huge number of sales are lost due to Cart abandonment and it has been a consistent problem that limits revenue. There are numerous reasons that lead to cart abandonment and most of them occur because many customers aren’t there to actually shop. Of course, you can’t persuade each one of them to get converted into a paying customer but through a little out-of-the-box communication they can be turned in successfully. Cart recovery emails can help you to recover these lost sales.

Most marketing automation tools and email marketing tools, offer the convenience to set up cart recovery emails on online stores.

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  • Push Notifications (mobile)

Mobile has penetrated the retail industry to an unmatched extent and has taken roots in the markets. The increase in mobile users has risen exponentially in the past five years. If you aren’t taking this into consideration you might be leaving a large chunk of customers behind. Push notification is an easy way to convert your target customers shopping on mobile. They work in a similar fashion as promotional emails with the only difference of specifically targeting mobile shoppers.

mobile notification

In addition to these tools to upgrade your marketing campaign, you can use simpler ways like blogging and affiliate marketing as well to generate more sales for your business. If you find it difficult to work on these tips, WebBee can help you sail through this with their services at a very competitive rate.