Re-Position Businesses with NetSuite Amazon Integration

Increase business sales, reaching to millions of buyers on the Amazon marketplace, leveraging the profound back-office features of NetSuite with WebBee global.

Our NetSuite Amazon Integration Connector let your business focus efficiently on managing orders and inventory status, without bothering about keeping Amazon Seller and NetSuite accounts in sync.

The Main Benefits of WebBee NetSuite Amazon Connector are :

  • Low-cost, monthly fee
  • Seamless, automated integration with NetSuite, saving time & effort
  • Support Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) listings and transactions in single connector
  • High flexibility. Append additional functionality or customize product or transaction field mappings
  • Dedicated support team

Support all Amazon marketplaces present in US,UK,Canada,Australia, etc. The main features are listed below :

Orders & Customer Sync

  • Automatically Identifies repeat customers in the system
  • Automatically transfers all orders & related customer data to NetSuite as soon as
  • customers check out from the Amazon marketplace
  • Supports both FBA and FBM order types

Product & Inventory Sync

  • Automatically publish item listings from NetSuite to Amazon
  • Track your Amazon FBA inventory in real-time from NetSuite
  • Update inventory quantities from different warehouses in NetSuite to Amazon (in real-time)
  • Update item pricing (in real-time) from NetSuite to Amazon
  • Supports all Amazon Product Categories

Fulfillment & Shipping Sync

  • Automatically sync fulfillment status and shipping data from NetSuite to Amazon
  • Support partial fulfillment
  • Reconcile FBA shipments
  • Create FBA Shipments and Transfer Orders / Inventory Transfers

Refunds & Cancellations Sync

  • Automatically import order cancellations from Amazon to NetSuite (in-real time)
  • Automatically import refunds from Amazon to NetSuite (in-real time)

Billing & Invoices Sync

  • Automatic generation of cash sales and invoices in NetSuite
  • Automatic synchronization of settlement reports from Amazon to NetSuite
  • Automatic synchronization of invoices from NetSuite to Amazon in real-time

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A NetSuite Amazon Integration Overview Plan Can Help the Right Way

The Amazon Marketplace Web Service, or Amazon MWS, has become a popular place for vendors to sell their items on. They can sell products through Amazon as a means of getting more exposure. If you are running your own business then the odds are you could use the Amazon MWS to your advantage.

The NetSuite Amazon integration program is designed to allow you to use the NetSuite back-office program alongside the Amazon MWS.

The main part of the NetSuite Amazon Integration overview is that it offers support for many special needs:
• It works by syncing up information on products and inventory items to your Amazon pages. That is, product information relating to images, prices and categories will be linked up to your Amazon pages.
• Order information, as well as information on customers, can be transferred from an Amazon account to a NetSuite site in a minimal amount of time. It typically takes just a few moments to make it all work.
• Shipping details can also be synced between NetSuite and Amazon. This also works with partial fulfillments.
• High order volumes can be supported. An integration program can be used to handle as many as 15,000 orders in a single day. It can even help get multiple events to be run simultaneously.

The connections that are made by this program are designed with many advantages in mind:
• This helps to streamline the process for getting orders fulfilled and getting information linked up properly.
• This works for all kinds of products. Practically every product category can be supported within this setup.
• It operates on all major Amazon domains.
• There is no need to manually sync up the process. This will operate with a short period of time and run with the right setups to ensure that the materials being sold can be managed carefully and without any problems coming out of the setup being handled at a given time.

These setups are designed to help with controlling the ways how a connection is to be run. When used properly, it will create a better setup that is easy to handle and will not be far too complicated or hard for all to handle as necessary.

The process for handling orders on Amazon can make a real impact. NetSuite Amazon Integration processes can help with making it easier for different setups and controls to be made as easy to handle as possible when it comes to selling items on this popular site.

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