Shopify Strikes A Partnership Deal With Ebay

Shopify has been growing rapidly and the Thursday news adds much to the extension and growth of Shopify. In addition to its existing avenues including Amazon, Facebook, BuzzFeed, and Pinterest; Shopify now strikes a partnership with the new sales channel and it is none other than eBay. This is primarily good news for US merchants and customers. The new channel will now have a wider roll-out this fall and will be beneficial to domestic US merchants in many ways. They will soon be able to list and sell their products on eBay directly from their Shopify account.

The new integration, Shopify sellers will have the opportunity to surface their brands on eBay which hosts a large audience of potential customers. This integration will serve as a wider opportunity for Shopify store owners to get their wares in front of more than 169 million active folks of eBay.

What is included in the deal?

The new Shopify integration with eBay includes the following:

  • Immediate syncing of inventory info
  • Includes product title and description, price, and item specifics from Shopify to eBay.
  • Customer orders will also be imported to Shopify and can be fulfilled from both platforms.
  • Messages from eBay buyers sent via that platform can be accessed from Shopify as well.

The sellers will have a truly amazing experience and won’t miss out on any communication as they will be able to manage all their e-commerce operations from one central location for both platforms alongside your other channels on the merchant side.

During the announcement, Satish Kanwar, VP of Product at Shopify said, “Shopify is the industry leader when it comes to multi-channel commerce, and we look to partner with the best and biggest platforms to bring new sales opportunities to our merchants,”.

On the other hand, “eBay is focused on delivering the best choice and selection of inventory to buyers across the globe,” said Bob Kupbens, VP of Global Trust & Seller Experience, eBay.

This integration will make selling online easier for Shopify merchants and they will be able to conveniently manage their product catalog across multiple channels through one single dashboard. That is the hub strategy that Shopify thrives on with 60 percent of its merchants selling on two different channels and will continue to do so.

When it comes to multi-channel commerce, Shopify is the industry leader. “The eBay channel has the potential to introduce our merchants to eBay’s millions of buyers, exposing merchants to a massive number of new sales opportunities,” said Satish Kanwar, VP of Product, Shopify.

With this new integration move, eBay and Shopify will exchange benefits such as eBay offering some of its platform features to Shopify and getting access to the latter’s sellers in return.


Shopify generally targets small business merchants with access to customizable store templates, marketing tools, sales analytics and inventory management to help them with the jump into online retail. Its sales channel strategy really kicked into gear a year ago with the launch of the Sales Channel SDK and it’s subsequent “sell anywhere” motto.

Going forward, eBay collaborating with Shopify could tap on the similar opportunities which Shopify targets, such as small businesses owing to its customizable store templates, sales analytics, marketing tools and inventory management.


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Why WebBee Shopify Development Services is a Business Investment ?

WebBee Shopify eCommerce solutions provide the multi-channel eCommerce platform designed especially for the small and medium-sized businesses.

Basically, business organizations and individuals use our software solutions to design, set up, and manage all of their sales channels from online eCommerce and social media to brick and mortar and pop-up shops.

Shopify simplifies the eCommerce selling experience for their merchants by automating the management of the back-end work such as processing payments, shipping products, integrating payment options, and maintaining site security, that frees up the entrepreneurs and business organizations to do what they do best to focus on their product, making sales.

We strongly believe that WebBee Shopify software solutions and services are the perfect play for business investors willing to grow, scale, and hold for the long term stability. The solution is going to be the industry leader positioned to automate the growing online retail business. As WebBee Shopify application development continues to innovate its software, grow its user base, and establish more functional strategic partnerships, we will witness the optimize business outcomes, price appreciation, best ROI that business organizations dream about.

With the incredible growth over the last year, still, Shopify growth unfolds itself, day by day. It is still a chance for the small and midsize business organization to get in the experience of the Shopify ecommerce development.

The WebBee Shopify development company is the clear upcoming leader in the market, helping business organizations to collaborate, moving online, and its platform solution is too good in synchronizing the entire business information.

Our services mainly focus on growing your business. Hence, the valuation of our software solutions and services can be based on three main parameters:

  • Market position
  • Revenue growth
  • Economies of scale, scope and network, that is, leverage

What does WebBee Shopify can do for your businesses?

Our Shopify store development and Shopify application development helps merchants sell their products by providing a unified, simple, multi-channel ecommerce platform, targeting mainly to the small to medium scaled businesses. Also, our solutions and services can add value for large organizations as well.

The trend of Shopping today is different from shopping 10 years ego. Today, merchants prefer selling their products through their online store, mobile apps, social media, their physical stores, marketplaces, and other associated sales channels.

WebBee Shopify development company provides (merchants) with a single visibility of their business and customers across their entire sales channels, empowering them to manage products and inventory, automating the entire process of orders and payments, ship orders, build customer relationships, and leverage analytics, reporting from one integrated back office.

Rapid Growth

From small to giant merchants who wish to build and establish their brands, WebBee Shopify ecommerce development probably have a plan that fits business-specific needs and budget. We offer flexible monthly plans for the merchants selling on Facebook, which is affordable for the small businesses that already processes a following on their Facebook page and would like to sell their products there as an extra sales channel.

Also, our Shopify solution possesses the economical basic to advanced plans. Our Shopify’s platform is all capable of handling large spikes in traffic from events, like new product releases, flash sales, and holiday shopping seasons, etc.

WebBee Shopify’s growth strategies for the business organizations mainly focus on growing its merchant base the future growth on the globe. There’s much room for the potential international growth in the future.

Profitability and Investor Takeaway

WebBee Shopify eCommerce solutions are growing at the rapid pace. Our services can be added to spice things up with the intent of rapid growth, offering stable dividends and tend to hike their payouts every year.

Basically, our Shopify integrated solution is a speculative investment with its sky-high valuations, building a potent position over time. We strongly believe that WebBee Shopify development can be a long-term business investment for the organizations of all level and sizes.


WebBee Drop Shipping Integration Enhancing Small Businesses

Drop shipping is an order fulfillment strategy wherein you don’t have to keep your products in inventory. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party (manufacturer, wholesaler, etc.) and has it shipped directly to the customer. When used correctly, a drop-shipping strategy can reduce distribution and fulfillment costs and even improve service levels significantly within the supply chain.

erp solution for dropshipper

From a business point of view, drop shipping has online retailers marketing products, while manufacturers and distributors fulfill orders, shipping directly to customers. The ultimate aim of merchants is to give consumers a variety of options to choose from without having the burden of inventorying every possible size and color from a product line.

Drop shipping is an order fulfillment system wherein you don’t need to keep your items in stock. Rather, when a store sells an item, it buys the product items from the 3PL (manufacturer, distributor, and so forth.) and has it shipped straightforwardly to the client. At the point when utilized effectively, a drop-shipping system can lessen conveyance and satisfaction costs and even enhance benefit levels fundamentally inside the inventory network.


From a business perspective, drop shipping has online retailers advertising items, while makers and wholesalers satisfy orders, transporting specifically to clients. A definitive point of vendors is to give purchasers an assortment of alternatives to browse without having the weight of reviewing each conceivable size and shading from a product offering.

This plan of action has various advantages:

• Less Capital : One of the greatest points of interest of drop shipping is you don’t need to put the critical measure of cash in stock in advance. You can undoubtedly set up a web based business store and begin offering on the web. Drop shipping makes it simple for retailers to rapidly begin pitching on the web by offering a large number of things to your clients

• Easy to Start : Running an online business store is considerably less demanding, particularly when you don’t need to manage the stock. With drop shipping, you don’t need to stress over things like overseeing or keeping up a different stockroom, pressing and sending clients’ requests, the following stock for bookkeeping purposes, dealing with returns lastly reordering the items while keeping up a stock level

• Wider Assortments : Drop shipping technique empowers more extensive arrangements of stock without causing the related cost and danger of conveying the stock in-house. Encourage concurrences with merchants can enhance the administration levels to clients. Suppose, for instance, the merchant might have the capacity to satisfy a delayed purchase for the retailer’s benefit as opposed to waiting for recharging back in the retailer’s system

• Saves Time : Organizing your stock levels and setting it up for conveyance can regularly be a tedious bad dream. Utilizing an outsider to deliver things spares dealing with, marking, pressing, shipping and so on., abandoning you an opportunity to concentrate on developing your business in various zones

• Highly Scalable : In a customary business, in the event that you get three fold the amount of business, you’ll normally need to do three fold the amount of work. By utilizing drop shipping providers, the vast majority of the work to handle extra requests will be finished by the providers, enabling you to extend with less developing agonies and less incremental work. Deals development will continually bring extra work – particularly identified with client benefit – yet organizations that use drop shipping scale especially well with respect to customary internet business organizations

Basically, drop shipping provides a simple approach to begin. Drop shipping is an order fulfillment system wherein you don’t need to keep your items in stock. Rather, when a store offers an item, it buys the thing from the third party (manufacturers, distributors, and so forth.) and has it dispatched specifically to the client. At the point when utilized accurately, a drop-shipping system can decrease dissemination and fulfillment costs and even enhance service levels significantly altogether within the inventory network of the supply chain.

From a business perspective, drop shipping has online retailers showcasing and marketing product items, while manufacturers, distributors, and merchants fulfill orders, shipping directly to clients. A definitive point of dealers is to give buyers an assortment of alternatives to browse without having the weight of reviewing each conceivable size and shading from a product listing.

More or less, drop shipping is a sure approach to make progress. As you’ll concentrate on a quality website, advertising, and client benefit. Likewise, drop shipping provides a simple approach to begin, it turns out to be best when your online business is synchronized with your providers’ stock, shipping, and transporting. At that point, it competently lifts your business to the following next level without disappointing your clients or giving up the excessively edge.

About WebBee Global-

WebBee Global is well known more years than 10 years old e-commerce solution provider company offering erp software for small business, Shopify development services, Magento development services and customized app development services for your e-commerce store.

WordPress Designing and Development

Drive your business forward with WordPress. Build your online store on WordPress with new features and plugins which give you the freedom of customization to full extent. WordPress theme development is powerful, high performance and compact to suit all kinds of enterprises. WebBee specializes in building bespoke WordPress themes which are creative and effective and drawing more customers for your business. The UI designed by WebBee teams for each client is unique and responsive on all browsers and can handle a large number of customers during peak times.

WebBee has immensely experienced individuals who are not just WordPress development experts but also system experts as they understand ins and outs of WordPress to give their client reliable service. They will provide you a WordPress site with fluent navigation & seamless user-interface to distinguish your store from others.

Get your site customized or built from scratch for a new look of your business with WebBee WordPress Development team in India. Maintenance and migration of your site are also covered to save your time and effort. This way you can focus your attention to other major business tasks. WebBee’s unique solution is compatible with all business models and industry verticals. Venture with us to get bespoke services on WordPress Development.

Tips On How To Generate More Sales Through Your Estore?

You have an unsullied online store with amazing products and images. Yet you are struggling to make it to the top. You do not have enough traffic to turn them into real sales. Every business takes a considerable amount of time to grow and make profits. But if you have been struggling since long, it may be time to make some changes.

Here are few tips which you can implement to boost your sales and generate quality traffic to your online store –

Display your products on Google Shopping –

Listing your products on Google Shopping will make them appear in Google searches, YouTube, image searches and more. Investing in SEO would be an added advantage along with Google Shopping Campaign as your site will be available on the first page. It’s a paid service. However, you pay only when a shopper clicks through or visits your local inventory.

It increases your chances of selling the products to a wider range of customers. Sometimes a customer clicks on the product just to see if it appeals them enough to buy. This happens only if your product is visible without any custom search for your site.  If your products are unique and not available on the other stores, it will further enhance your clientele.

market 1

Marketing Automation –

If you are running an online store for some time now, you must have come across the word marketing automation to promote your products. In case you haven’t, while looking for ways to market your store, it means to make use of a tool to automate repetitive tasks with the sole purpose to be effective at marketing and promoting your brand.

Beware of the mixed jargons used for marketing. Some definitions like ‘email automation’ are used to confuse users for ‘marketing automation’ which is far from the truth.  Though it is partly true as email marketing forms a part of marketing automation and comes under it but doesn’t define it completely. There is much more to marketing than just emails. ‘SMS marketing’ forms a significant part of marketing automation as well and cannot be ignored at all.

marketing optimization

How to use Marketing Automation to your advantage –

  • Promotional emails

One of the classic methods of generating sales is through Discounts and Sales. They never go out of fashion and always gather a crowd. Most of the companies make huge profits even during sales. The idea is to sell more products with low margin to reach the bottom line. Most marketing automation tools use emails as a medium to send promotional emails to their customers.

Another benefit that comes with this is that you as a company can distribute or segment your customers depending on their purchasing power and their past purchase history. This data can be used to target particular customers with personalized emails for upselling.

  • Cross Selling

Cross-selling is another method deployed to upscale your marketing drive. This method involves selling a different product to an existing customer. However, it is also used for first-time customers as well. Big e-commerce sellers are often seen practicing this approach. If Amazon is doing it, it hardly needs proofing!

Cross selling increases average order value that automatically generates more sales. It is a proven tactic for an e-commerce store to grow their sales. You can also make use of product recommendation tool to cross-sell your products to your existing customers or use emails to notify them of other products matching their last purchase.

cross sell

  • Cart recovery emails

A huge number of sales are lost due to Cart abandonment and it has been a consistent problem that limits revenue. There are numerous reasons that lead to cart abandonment and most of them occur because many customers aren’t there to actually shop. Of course, you can’t persuade each one of them to get converted into a paying customer but through a little out-of-the-box communication they can be turned in successfully. Cart recovery emails can help you to recover these lost sales.

Most marketing automation tools and email marketing tools, offer the convenience to set up cart recovery emails on online stores.

today deals

  • Push Notifications (mobile)

Mobile has penetrated the retail industry to an unmatched extent and has taken roots in the markets. The increase in mobile users has risen exponentially in the past five years. If you aren’t taking this into consideration you might be leaving a large chunk of customers behind. Push notification is an easy way to convert your target customers shopping on mobile. They work in a similar fashion as promotional emails with the only difference of specifically targeting mobile shoppers.

mobile notification

In addition to these tools to upgrade your marketing campaign, you can use simpler ways like blogging and affiliate marketing as well to generate more sales for your business. If you find it difficult to work on these tips, WebBee can help you sail through this with their services at a very competitive rate.


How Mobility is Transforming The World of Business?

The business organization these days are changing rapidly. The nexus of mobility, social networking, cloud, and the Internet, are the “Nexus of Forces”, as per Gartner. Such paradigm-shift in the business organization enable the most medium and large business organizations to reconsider their mobile strategies. Employees, customers, and other users are bringing their own devices, downloading their own applications and creating their own IT.

Mobility is changing the rules-of-the-business, drastically the way industries operate. Not a single industry, but every industry. Such shift from a wired to a wireless world, from the unconnected to the connected world, is proving to be the dynamic shift from horses to automobiles.

The similar paradigm shift from the desktop model workplace to mobile device based offices has introduced multiple dimensions as to how business operates. In the present scenarios, Digital Transformation is turning out to be one of the pertinent IT agendas. Predictably, it has been assumed that in coming years, 80 percent of devices used in corporations going to be the mobile devices.

Several software application/packages

The numerous IT backlog continues as business organizations struggle with their various applications. To handle such rapidly changing demands of the digital business and rapidly scale systems up or down, computing has to migrate from static to dynamic models, as per Gartner.

Models, rules, and code that can dynamically assemble and configure all of the elements needed from the network via the application are required. Departments and business units are going to deliver the non-compliant, non-standard applications, and software packages into the running business and host them on the cloud with their respective corporate credit cards.

SaaS solutions and other DBaaS solutions and services will continue segmenting and fragmenting the software landscape with visual report writers and analytic interfaces supporting end users in making timely decisions.

Web Apps, native apps, and hybrid apps

In 2014 business organizations spent 30% on the hybrid app, 39% of the time on native, and 31% on mobile web apps. The experts and other analysts predicted in their reports about how mobile web app and hybrid apps are taking over the enterprise space, however, a growing demand for native apps are also been observed.

Data is Important

Good mobile services are empowered by data to deliver a smart personalized, real-time experience and the provision of constantly tracking, monitoring, and collecting data that can be used to enhance the business and future versions of the app. This is crucial as this will make your enterprise mobility service stand out in the competition. For examples: Google Maps prediction based on previous searches and content.

Enhanced Security

As per the Linked In Cloud Security Spotlight reports that included insight from more than 250,000 respondents from different business organizations. From these participants, 71 percent indicated they are planning or have deployed cloud environments. Hybrid cloud implementation was in the majority, having approx. 70 percent of the cloud users counting on a union of the public and private solutions. Storage was observed to be used most conventionally, using cloud solutions, which is followed by the business apps, computing, virtualization, and networking.

Despite this potential flow in the use of the cloud, the report also projected that security fears were prominent among respondents. Approximately half of the respondents found that cloud security is the main concern for the cloud adoption, while 41 percent mentioned the other issues of data loss and leakage risks as impediments to implementation. 90 percent of the respondents felt that they are extremely concerned about public cloud security. In context to the types of security threats which was the cause of the concern to the respondents, 63 percent were concerned regarding the possibility of the unauthorized access, and 61 percent feared account hijacking, also, 43 percent were concerned by the threat of malicious insiders.

The mobility factor of the business organizations, along with enterprise mobile apps, are altering the way, this world is performing the business. The business organizations need to start today in recognizing their main initiatives depending on the current and future trends in the mobility.

About WebBee

At WebBee, we provide the customized app development, scalable, secure ERP integration tools, and pioneer services. Our capable novel strategies enable businesses via reaching out to various marketplaces with our cutting-edge integrated eSolutions. Our dedicated team works seamlessly for deploying and maintaining complicated business-specific integrations. Our core mission is to empower business-fit platform independent applications for collaborating and connecting marketplaces, at the global level.

How To Choose The Right CRM For Your Organization?

When you are looking to save on cost as well as on manual effort, a CRM solution is the way to go. Customer Relationship Management solutions is a logical choice for your team as well as customers. It becomes easy to manage your customer database and sales at the same time.

But with so many options to choose from, it may not be easy to pick one. Every CRM promises to provide you with several functionalities and features. How well they perform is the thing to be tested only when you start using the software. Well, to avoid putting your money in the wrong basket, we have come up with few pointers which will help you to make a better choice when you are about to select a CRM solution for your organization.

 But before we begin, let us look into what CRM actually does. This information may help you during your selection process.

What is CRM and how does it help your business?

Initially built to manage customer relationships, this software has evolved its way into a holistic solution for managing sales, accounting, vendors, operational data, and point of sales knit all into one. With CRM you can generate leads, follow them through the sales process and manage your customer loyalty with saving customer information.

Though you can deploy various software to complete these tasks, however, CRM can do all these automatically and provide your sales team all the tools to simply their tasks and grow your business simultaneously.

Goal of your Business –

Yes, it is true, that CRM can be a one-stop solution for most of your business needs. But before investing, analyze what your needs are. Some forethought will be helpful in assessing your current situation. Look into the challenges of your business and for starters, you can ask yourself the following:

  • Track Leads and Lead Activity
  • Track Customer Base
  • Track Opportunities and Closing Rates
  • Offer Connectivity Between Teams
  • Manage Relationships
  • Generate Customized Reporting

CRM will keep all your information organized in one place and act as a single database repository. This all can be done automatically through a CRM system. If the above functions are not your basic goals, then maybe you should look elsewhere. CRM system largely depends on your business as well as IT needs. So choose wisely.

Cost of Implementation –

However cheap a service or software may be, but there is always a cost associated with training and implementation. Whether you are introducing a new software or revamping an old one, there will be a period of implementation. This time is also utilized to train your staff on the new changes that will occur once the implementation phase is over. Even if you phase out external cost and keep it low key, do not forget the in-house cost of deployment and training.

Staff Recognition –

Traditionally speaking, CRM is not the first choice for sales people. They resist it as they feel it may risk their position within the company once they provide details about every customer. Also, they look at it from a compliance point of view rather than a tool which makes their work easy.

The task at hand is to make them understand the value of CRM. Think of ways to prove them the value add of CRM in making their sales pipeline smooth and forecast more accurate. Also, it should not be very difficult to learn and use. This might further resist the change.

Mobility –

Choose a CRM system which provides you the flexibility of accessing it from multiple devices. Your sales team will be outdoor most of the time and would require using the software from their phones, laptops, and tablets as per their need.

Flexibility and Customization –

Every organization is different and so will be yours. The CRM you choose to implement should be flexible enough for you to customize it according to your own processes. Adaptability is another important trait which should be present as it will be required to grow with your business in future and should not require a replacement very soon.

At the same time try to keep it as simple as possible. The more complicated it will be, the more people will resist it.

Compatibility –

Ensure that the CRM you choose is compatible with the interfaces already in place. If you need help in assessing the compatibility of the CRM or require a third-party to integrate it, you can contact WebBee Global services for cost-effective integration services.

Reporting –

Reporting services of the software can enable it to start apart from the competitors. Using the unique data to get customized reports can highly ease your work and showcase your weak points, strengths, and opportunities for improvements. A lot of times data brings out the real picture whereas you may continue to think that all your processes are working fine.

Demo –

Take the opportunity to get the product demo before buying it. Test the demo and functions which are critical to your business. This way you can be sure of the product you are getting. Also if any customization is required, talk to the vendor during the demo. Take as much time as possible to satisfy yourself and save your time in the long run.

Ensure your sales team understands the importance of giving the correct input about products, services, clients, closed sales, and pricing. This will make it easy for you to get the right picture. With all these features, CRM can make your life easy and you can have a happy and successful team.

WebBee Global integrates CRM software with your system and ensures you have error-free data which can be viewed in a single shot. WebBee has a team of dedicated professionals who can customize your CRM software or can also give their own in-house CRM which can seamlessly integrate your existing customer data.

The integration service provided by WebBee is flawless and you will find it more productive and profitable for your business. Initial help is always beneficial when deploying a new software across the organization, especially if you have limited IT staff and the software are new.

Set your foot right with the correct CRM system in place and reap the unlimited benefits with customized integration services of WebBee.